Why Kitchen Islands And Bar Stools Are Incredibly Popular

For almost all homeowners, their kitchen is the heart of their home and this room is somewhere that the whole family will spend a lot of time in. Whilst over the years kitchen trends have differed quite dramatically and there is no denying that the traditional styles are very different from the modern styles, there is one particular feature in the kitchen that has remained popular for decades; a kitchen island. 


Nowadays, kitchen islands come in such a vast range of different shapes, sizes and styles and they really are the perfect addition to any kitchen. Of course, when installing a kitchen island, many will decide to purchase some bar stools too and they really are a brilliant combination. If you’re wondering whether or not to invest in a kitchen island with bar stools, keep reading today. Below is a list of reasons why they are as popular today as they were in the 1950s. 


Allows family and friends to gather in the kitchen 


Often, when wanting to spend time in the kitchen with you whilst you cook, your family and friends can actually get in the way. When you have a kitchen island with bar stools, people will have somewhere to sit down when they’re in the kitchen and it will allow the space to be much more social in general. 


Provides the room with a focal point 


Lots of homeowners have their kitchen cabinets around the edge of the room and the space can sometimes feel quite empty, even if there isn’t much spare floor space. When you have a kitchen island, it will instantly provide the room with a focal point and with some stylish wooden bar stools, you can really draw attention from all other aspects of the room. 


Adds to the interior design 


You will be surprised just how much of a difference a kitchen island with bar stools can make to the overall interior design of the room. Whether you’re wanting a homely feel or something more modern and minimalistic, you can easily achieve this style simply by adding these things to your current kitchen. They really are incredibly easy to adapt to your individual needs too. 


Provides additional worktop space 


Many assume that in order to have an island, you need to have a big kitchen, however, they can actually work brilliantly in smaller kitchens too. Not only will an island be somewhere to entertain guests, but it can also be a functional workspace too. So, you may find that you require less worktops elsewhere in your kitchen, giving you more space elsewhere. 


Prevents you from needing a table 


It isn’t uncommon for homeowners to have a table and chairs in their kitchen, but an island and some wooden bar stools can take away the need for this altogether. It is likely that you will have lots of additional different kitchen layout options when you’re not trying to fit a table into the space, yet you will still have somewhere to sit and eat or entertain if required. 


Gives you much more storage 


Of course, having a kitchen island will also provide you with lots of additional storage space. Many have drawers, cabinets and/or racks under their island, so you can store whatever you’d like under here. Even when you have wooden bar stools that sit neatly under your island, you will still have plenty of storage space around all other sides of the island. 


Investing in a kitchen island with bar stools 


Ultimately, there is no denying that kitchen islands really are a brilliant addition to any kitchen and when paired with wooden bar stools, it is the perfect way to transform your kitchen into the sociable living space so many people desire. It is easy to see why they are so popular amongst homeowners and why so many kitchen designs these days will include them, so it is definitely worth looking into them further for your new kitchen. 


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