Walnut furniture options

Walnut is perfect for exclusive furniture, it is a very prestigious type of timber with a reputation for making beautiful wooden furniture. We offer Walnut furniture in a range of appearances and colours so you can create your perfect Walnut dining table or bespoke computer desk. Have a browse and see what suits you like. We accommodate for your own unique style and taste.

Choose between Smooth or Rustic Walnut wood?

Smooth Walnut Furniture Wood sample for exclusive furniture.
Smooth Walnut Wood


Rustic Walnut Furniture Wood sample
Rustic Walnut Wood
Pick and customise your bespoke Walnut furniture
At our furniture shop, we provide an extensive range of bespoke walnut furniture. Our solid walnut pieces are a timeless addition to any home – with their warm tones, beautiful designs and unrivalled durability, they bring an elegant and classic look to any living space.
Our pieces come in a variety of styles, sizes and colours to ensure you find the perfect piece for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a traditional dining table, modern bar stools or a customised desk – we have it all. With our walnut furniture you can choose the right hue that best fits your style, as there is a wide selection of stains and finishes to choose from.
Our bespoke walnut furniture provides you with the perfect solution for any home – beauty, warmth and class combined into one exceptional piece. Create the look you’ve been dreaming about by designing something unique to suit your tastes – from kitchen islands to coffee tables; let us create something just for you.
Explore our website and customise any piece of our amazing range of solid walnut furniture! We look forward to helping you design your dream designer furniture, at very reasonable costs.
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