Oak furniture options

Our Oak furniture is customised for you and is handcrafted. Be it a coffee table, a tv unit, bar stools, wine rack, computer desks or an Oak Dining Table, we make it to your tastes and in your colours. Our custom oak dining tables are the ideal centrepiece for any dining room or kitchen. Handmade from high-quality oak, it can be finished with whatever stain and colour you prefer to best match your decor. We can even finish off your table so the legs can be done in any colour or can even be Brushed or Polished Stainless Steel.

Choose between Smooth or Rustic Oak furniture?

Smooth Oak Furniture wood sample
Smooth Oak Wood


Rustic Oak furniture wood sample - we use epoxy resin for filling cracks and gaps for easy cleaning and maximum hygiene.
Rustic Oak Wood

Colour range of durable stains for our Oak dining tables and other furniture

Have fun choosing from our huge range of 40 options 🙂

Click on a style you like and customise your bespoke oak furniture

Oak furniture is renowned for its classic beauty and warmth that it can bring to any home. Not only does it provide an elegant look to a room, but it is also highly durable and versatile, making it the perfect solution for all of your wooden furniture needs.
In our furniture shop, you will find a wide range of oak furniture options in many different colours, finishes, styles and sizes. From dining tables and chairs to coffee tables, shelves and cabinets – we have something to suit everyone’s individual style. And if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for in our shop, you can customise it according to your own tastes and preferences.
So why not browse and design your own perfect piece? There are the many ways oak furniture can bring beauty and style into your home. With its timeless quality, long-lasting durability, and attractive appearance – you are sure to find the perfect piece of furniture that is perfect for your space.
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