The terms “company”, “the company” or “companies” refers to “Authentic Timber Windows Ltd” which is trading under the name “Authentic Timber Furniture” for all furniture products ordered from “Authentic Timber Furniture” or website “”.

The term “customer” is anyone who orders a product from “the company”.

The term “delivery note” refers to the piece of paper you are asked to sign to confirm you have received your order in a new condition.

We take a lot of time and effort to package all products in a very safe and protective manner to ensure “the companies” product is not damaged in transit to “the customer”.

All orders are custom made for each “customer” and there for are non-returnable. The only exception is if “the companies” product arrives damaged in transit to a “customer”. In this case, a full refund, minus delivery and set up charges (if applicable), will be made to the “customer” with in 5 working days of the issue being photographed and emailed to the “company” at email address: sales @ (without spaces). If the “customer” is not happy that the product is in “new” condition when it arrives they should not sign the “delivery note” and should not accept delivery at all. If delivery is accepted then no refund can be issued.

After a “customer” has accepted delivery, with or without a “Delivery note” being signed, the “company” is not and can not be liable for any damages when the product is no longer in “the companies” possession.

Need help?

Contact us at sales @ (without spaces) for any questions.

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