Ceramic Furniture

The Ceramic furniture or table tops we can offer, have many advantages over Marble. Ceramic does not stain and scratch so easily as marble, which is why we offer it as an alternative to a wooden table top.

The maximum dimension we can offer in Ceramic is 320cm long by 160cm wide. It can also be shaped as per your liking, eg. oval shapes, rounded corners etc.

The only thickness that can be offered is 1.2cm. How ever, if your Ceramic table top is square or rectangle we can deepen the borders from 3cm up to 7cm so your ceramic top looks much thicker. It is always re-enforced underneath to ensure stability no matter which legs you choose to go with your table top.

These Ceramic tops can be fitted onto just about any style of table legs that you can see in our online shop at the moment.

If this is what you would like, please include the Ceramic colour/style number from below, Ceramic dimensions, Ceramic shape, and leg style and leg colours from any other table in the shop; and we will custom quote it for you in our Bespoke Furniture Quotes.

Ceramic Furniture style options

The benefits of having a Ceramic table top

1. Durability: Ceramic top tables are highly durable, scratch and stain resistant, meaning they will maintain their attractive look for longer than other table materials.
2. Easy to Clean: Since ceramic is non-porous, it’s easy to wipe up messes quickly without worrying about spills staining the material.
3. Low Maintenance: Because of its low absorption rate and durable nature, ceramic tables require little maintenance to keep looking new.
4. Versatile: Ceramic top tables come in a wide range of colours and patterns to fit any room’s design style, making them a great choice for versatile home decorating.
5. Cost Effective: While ceramic table tops may be initially more expensive than some other options, their long lasting nature makes them an economical investment that will save you money over time by not needing replacements as often as other materials.
6. Very fashionable and prestigious!
A beautiful Walnut coffee table with an easy clean Ceramic top
A beautiful Walnut coffee table with an easy clean Ceramic top
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