Why So Many Homeowners Choose A Solid Wood Dining Table

Nothing really compares to a solid wood dining table. Nothing else offers the flexibility, warmth and homely feeling of natural timber. Our wooden dining table options are guaranteed to suit your home. We offer a full range of colours, styles and dimensions so we know you will find something perfect for your home in our Furniture Shop. If you want a classy hardwood dining table, we have Oak dining tables, walnut dining tables and also Ash dining tables.

Whilst properties have changed considerably over the years, and rooms that used to be essential are no longer found in modern properties, one particular room that is still incredibly sought after is a dining room. Lots of homeowners will use their dining room on a daily basis and there are a number of benefits to sitting down with your family in the evening and eating dinner together at the table.

If you’ve just purchased a new property and you have a dining room for the first time, it goes without saying that the table is the first piece of furniture that you should purchase and it is important to choose something that is right for you. Many homeowners opt for solid wood dining tables over many of the other alternatives on the market and there are numerous different reasons why this is a brilliant idea. Below are some of the biggest advantages to choosing a solid wood dining table, no matter which type of wood its made from.

A solid wood dining table always look beautiful 

Whenever you purchase a solid wood dining table, no matter which design you choose, you can guarantee that it will look beautiful. Many try to mimic the look of natural solid wood with other materials, but nothing is comparable. Your dining table should be the focal point of your dining room and a solid wood table will undeniably make a brilliant centrepiece.

A wooden dining table is extremely durable 

Wood has been used in construction for centuries now and there is no denying that it has been tried and tested. Not only will a solid wood dining table last for you many years to come, but it will also cope with the general wear and tear that this piece of furniture faces on a daily basis. It will most definitely be a brilliant investment.

There are many design options available

Aside from being able to choose the type of wood your dining table is made from, you will also have any other design options to decide between as well. From the colour of the wood to the finish, you can ensure it is perfect for your home. Often, you even have a choice over the wood features too and can decide whether you’d like visible knots and cracks (a rustic style) or not.

It is better for the environment

When compared to the majority of other dining tables on the market, which are; mass-produced, cheap and designed to be disposable, solid wood dining tables are much better for the environment. When purchasing a high-quality wood dining table, you can trust that you will be doing your bit for the planet and be consciously making an eco-friendly choice.

Solid timber dining tables can support a lot of weight 

Often, solid wood will be directly compared to engineered wood and when it comes to how much weight can be supported by these materials, solid wood always excels. Of course, dining tables often have to hold a lot of weight, especially for special occasions, and thankfully, when you opt for solid wood, you will never have to worry.

You can get matching pieces 

Many will have additional pieces of furniture in their dining rooms and commonly a sideboard will be used for storing essentials in this room. When you choose a solid wood dining table, it is likely that you will be able to purchase matching pieces in the same wood, colour and finish, so the whole room ties together perfectly. Of course, all other furniture will also benefit from everything mentioned above too.

Purchasing a solid wood dining table

It is incredibly easy to see why so many homeowners choose a solid wood dining table over the many other alternatives available on the market nowadays. When considering which table to purchase for your new dining room, it goes without saying that solid wood should be a contender and if you were to opt for this popular choice, you too can reap all of the benefits mentioned above. So, it is undeniably worthwhile doing so.

When searching for solid wood dining tables, be sure to visit the Authentic Timber Furniture website. Not only do we have an online store where you can browse some of the most popular dining tables we supply, but we can even assist you with a bespoke design too if you have something particular in mind. Of course, if you have any questions at all about solid wood dining tables, we will gladly answer these for you as well, so don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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