Things to consider when buying custom made wooden furniture

There is no denying that the home ware market is incredibly vast these days and when you’re wanting to purchase new items for your home, you will be spoilt for choice. The first thing to be aware of is what you are buying? Even though some furniture looks like wood, is it really wood? And is it solid wood or just a 2mm sheet of wood glued onto some cheap material?

Rest assured, with ATF we only work with solid wood and natural materials which is solid wood; as per our descriptions in each product.

Whether you’re searching for a new coffee table for the living room or some new bar stools for the kitchen, it goes without saying that you will have plenty of options and narrowing these down can feel impossible. In order to ensure that you end up investing in the best possible pieces of furniture for your home, you should take some times to consider a few important factors and the best place to start is by thinking about the following;

The size of the furniture you need

One of the first things to think about is the size of the pieces of furniture you’re going to be purchasing. Not only will you need accurate measurements and to ensure that the pieces you’re interested in will fit in your property, but you also need to think about proportions. Always consider the other pieces in the room and how everything is going to work together.

The type of wood you’d like the furniture made from

Whilst many know that they’d like solid wood furniture, they don’t realise that there are a number of different types of wood. There literally hundreds of species of wood, so we selected Oak, Ash and Walnut to offer our customers. Take some time to look into all of the different options available. You may find that your preferred option will differ depending on the piece of furniture you’re looking for.

The colour of the pieces you need

As well as thinking about the type of wood, you also need to think about the colour of the wood when buying wooden furniture. Even if you’re want something that looks quite natural, you can still choose from lighter and darker woods. When you’re thinking about colours, be sure to consider any other colours that will be used in the design too, such as the base or legs etc. We have a huge range of colours so we will definitely have something you like, have a browse here and then take your time to think and imagine how it will look in your home.

The look of the furniture and the wood features 

When you buy wooden furniture, you also have a choice between a rustic look or something more smooth. As you’re probably aware, natural wood will have visible knots and cracks, but if you’re not so keen on these wood features, you can choose pieces that will have less visible ‘imperfections’. So, think about the overall look you’re wanting for the furniture too.

The functionality of the furniture

Of course, whenever you purchase new pieces of furniture, it is always essential to think about the functionality as well. It can be easy to get caught up in the design of the furniture, but it is undeniably essential to ensure that all pieces will be able to meet all of your needs in terms of the functionality too. For example, think about things such as your essential storage needs – which is a very important aspect of the design.

The specific requirements you have 

Whenever you buy wooden furniture, it is worthwhile taking some time to think about any additional requirements that you may have too. It doesn’t matter how small these requirements are, they are still important to consider and they can go on to make a big difference to how you feel about a piece of furniture once you start to make use of it.

Buying wooden furniture

Hopefully, once you have taken the time to think about everything mentioned above, you will know exactly what you’re looking for in the new pieces of furniture that you need. It is fair to say that this will help you to ensure that you’re searching for the right pieces and that you end up investing in the perfect furniture for your home. You can trust that you will always thank yourself for considering these things before you start browsing the market.

When you’re looking to buy wooden furniture, be sure to contact our team here at Authentic Timber Furniture. We pride ourselves on being able to create incredible bespoke pieces of furniture for homeowners and you can guarantee that no matter what your individual needs and requirements may be, we will ensure that they’re always met. Our talented designers will gladly help you bring all of your unique furniture ideas to life.

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