Terms & Conditions

Our primary aim is to deliver a world class product which pleases every customer so that every order turns into a happy customer and a positive review. By using our website or/and if you make a wise decision to purchase from us, you are agreeing too all the below terms and conditions.


The terms “we”, “company”, “the company” or “companies” refers to “Authentic Timber Furniture Ltd” for all furniture products ordered from “Authentic Timber Furniture Ltd” or website “https://www.authentictimberfurniture.com” and is trading under “Authentic Timber Windows Ltd” which has been successfully manufacturing timber windows and doors since 2006.

The term “customer” is anyone who orders a product from “the company”.

The term “delivery note” refers to a document, either physical or electronic, you are asked to sign to confirm you have received your order in a satisfactory condition.

Delivery Terms

Please also see our Delivery options page.

We take a lot of time and effort to package all products in a very safe and protective manner to ensure “the companies” product is not damaged in transit to “the customer”.

After a “customer” has accepted delivery, with or without a “Delivery note” being signed, the “company” is not and can not be liable for any damages when the product is no longer in “the companies” possession.

Returns & Refund policy

All information regarding our Returns and Refund policies are detailed on our “Returns and Refunds Policy page”

Our Guarantee

We are extremely confident that our furniture will outlast most peoples expectations and that most of our furniture will last you a life time, if you look after it.

We Guarantee the “structural integrity” and that our products are “fit for purpose”.  This Guarantee period varies for different products:
– Wooden tables with metal or wooden legs: 10 years.
– Desks: 10 years.
– Cabinets: 10 years.
– Dining Chairs: 2 years.

Exceptions to our Guarantee (of which we are not liable)

A few notes to remind our “Customers” of some product discrepancies for the sake of full transparency and so our “Customers” fully understand our product and what to expect.

These are not considered as faults and we are not liable for such issues, outlined below, which are out of our control:

  1. It is up to the customer to make sure our product will fit through door ways or access points so they can be placed in their desired location.
  2. Wear and tear, negligence or misuse is not included in our Guarantee.
  3. All tables with a “Live edge” will not have an exactly accurate width. It will vary as live edges are not straight.
  4. When designing your furniture, our craftsmen always decide on plank width dimensions to make the product as appealing as possible based on materials available and the style of the grain, so plank widths will vary and are not equal in width. We try to make each product as appealing as possible for you.
  5. Every product is hand made and all timber is unique so every product will be different.
  6. Each plank is different and can there for move or adjust itself in time causing inconsistencies. This can be caused by varying wood density, moisture content in the air, being placed too close to heaters, varying temperature changes or excessive moisture; all of which are out of our control and are not liable for. We take no responsibility for movement or possible cracks that could appear in the future, though this is unlikely.
  7. Our colour ranges on the website are a guide only and we can not be held responsible for variations between any computer screen and reality.
  8. Each plank is naturally a different colour and once stained the planks do not automatically all become the same colour so you can get significant variations in colour from plank to plank; which we consider part of our products beauty and are not liable for anything that someone dislikes.
  9. Some images also have accessories in the image. No accessories or decorations in any image is included with your purchase. You are buying what is in the “Product Description” only.

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