"Exceptional bespoke wooden furniture; made to your specifications to enhance your home"

Our little furniture land is not like Etsy and we are not mass producers. We make bespoke wooden furniture, the way you want it – your shape, your colours, your style.

customise anything to suit your home
browse, select & customise yours
which wood? ash, walnut or oak?
browse, select & customise yours
polished or brushed stainless steel, gold, blue, black, green or pink legs?
browse, select & customise yours
choose a dimension that suits your space
browse, select & customise yours
metal legs or wooden legs?
browse, select & customise yours
rustic or smooth wood?
browse, select & customise yours

Customer Reviews of our wooden furniture

We apologise for reviews that appear to be duplicates; but some customers post similar reviews on different platforms. Also some reviews are just related to our product and some relate to our service, but from the same customer!

Our service and products are a little different to any other furniture company. Ours is not mass produced for the masses.

We understand that people are unique; so your home and your furniture should also be unique, as an expression of your lifestyle, feelings and of who you are.

With us, ordering what you want, is very simple:

1.  choose the style or shape of dining table, coffee table, chairs, cabinets, or computer desks and more

2.  choose your type of wood from Ash, Walnut, Oak and others. Then select a style of either Modern furniture or Rustic furniture?

3.  choose a wood furniture stain colour, the leg colour, or a ceramic furniture style you like

4.  customise your desired shapes and edges

5.  check out.

Only with us at Authentic Timber Furniture, you can add your personal touch for more warmth and class to your home.

Our online furniture shop is the place to choose your new bespoke furniture. Design a unique oak dining table or other oak furniture, a walnut dining table, cabinets, TV stands or a TV unit, bar stools, special computer desks, wine racks or wine cabinets, modern dining tables, solid wood dining tables, industrial dining tables, walnut furniture, rustic furniture or even ceramic tables or ceramic furniture of you prefer?

We have something for every home, and we know you will love it because you will choose it and customise it the way you like it!

Browse, select and customise your bespoke wooden furniture

  • Estimated delivery between 14/05/2023 to 05/06/2023


    Modern Dining Tables
    Rated 0 out of 5
    from: £1,171.90 Select options
  • Estimated delivery between 14/05/2023 to 05/06/2023


    Modern Dining Tables from: £1,171.90 Select options
  • Estimated delivery between 14/05/2023 to 05/06/2023


    Modern Dining Tables
    Rated 0 out of 5
    from: £1,178.37 Select options
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